Ligamines Links LigojEdit

  • Conlang Mailing List: the traditional place for Conlang discussions
  • Auxlang Mailing List: the traditional place for Auxlang discussions
  • ConlangWiki: a smaller Wiki than Unilang's, but devoted to conlanging and related topics
  • FrathWiki: another conlang wiki.
  • maintained by Daniel Andréasson
  • Conlang Profiles at maintained by Jeffrey Henning; a huge directory of conlangs, natural language resources, Babel texts... This is the ultimate conlang site! This was the ultimate conlang site.
  • Auxilingua Project is an archive of information on auxlang projects and authors through the centuries.
  • ZBB : A great forum for Conlanging and Linguistics.
  • Conlang X-Sampa: tables and online converter for Conlang X-Sampa (ASCII IPA)
  • Unilang is a general language website where people can discuss, and find resources related to language(s), linguistics and translations.
  • World Auxiliary Language Campaign: A budding global campaign, language and language-type neutral, to promote the idea of and consensus for a world auxiliary language being chosen by a binding global and representative convocation to decide the issue