Leo John Moser (died in 2018) is a long-time auxlanger a native of California..

Moser was an early participant in Conlang and Auxlang. His project, Bahasan, was an experimental effort to explore an a posteriori auxlang that was not exclusively European. Bahasan was primarily vocabulary research but some hypothetical texts have been published. Many Auxlangers of the time attacked it as absurd, saying that this approach had already been disproven by Goode and Mario Pei. Moser countered that such experimentation that Goode had done was little more than to create a strawman to be shot down-- what he called the 'mata-hari strawman,' from the word Goode chose for 'sun.' A decade of so later there were several "world languages" on auxlang that were working on non-Eurocentric principles. Many have features, vocabulary items, et al., that are simular to those of Bahasan.

Moser's actual auxlang project is called Acadon. Some bits have been posted but are outdated. There is no authoritative description of Acadon available as of May 2010. There has been a webpage at but it is outdated and has no full description of the language.

Moser's project as of June 2010 will be to launch Acadon, and a near twin AbAcadon, as if an artlang in a book in the fantasy genre, one set in Oz. Moser has writen a book (with his daughter Carol) called Halloween in Oz. Thus the context has been set for an artlang. 15:46, May 30, 2010 (UTC)

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